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American Apparel

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American Apparel - sweatshop-free from LA

American Apparel is known for its fashionable items. The label is based on environmental and social awareness.
American Apparel products have no marks and patches. They are characterized by a particularly dense cotton, narrow cuts, and a wide choice of colors.

American Apparel can does recycling fabric scraps, paper, cardboard boxes, and any other recyclable materials used within the company.  Many of the items are also created from recycled materials, such as the Baby Rib Thong.  It’s all a part of reducing the company’s carbon footprint.
American Apparel is also very committed to solar electricity, which has reduced their traditional electricity use by over thirty percent.  PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and vegans absolutely love them for what they’re doing.

A Company Making a Difference

Despite some opinions, it’s easy to see that American Apparel is committed to making a difference in the world.  In addition to the company’s eco-friendly manufacturing techniques, American Apparel also makes

it a point to give whenever they can.  American Apparel was responsible for the donation of eighty thousand shirts to Hurricane Katrina victims, nearly half a million dollars’ worth of clothing to victims of the Haitian earthquake, and five thousand pair of shoes to Soles4Souls.  

Worldwide Reach

Some of the most popular items from the brand can be found all over the world, such as the Flex Fleece Hoody, the deep v-neck t-shirt, and the basic shirt in unisex and women’s designs. 
The Flex Fleece Hoody is designed to provide comfort to men and women without compromising style.  It comes in just about any colour you could possibly desire and in sizes perfect for kids and adults.  The deep v-neck t-shirt has become a pop culture classic - a favourite of celebrities, college students, and anyone who just wants to make a statement while remaining as comfortable as possible in his or her own skin.  The same is true of the basic shirt, which has been the canvas for many graphic tees, band tees, and t-shirts with a cause.


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