Nakedshirt offers a select assortment of premium basics that offers good value for money. An ecological, social, reliable high-quality production in and around Europe are the clearly defined aims and are the top priority for Nakedshirt.

Infos about Nakedshirt

Nakedshirt 2012 stands for a social productionbased on the principles of the Fair Wear Foundation. Nakedshirt is aware of the fact that the price of textiles is important for the purchase decision in all areas like fashion, promotion, work clothesand merchandising – but this does not justify the acceptance of a production under inhumane working conditions. Nakedshirt offers many new articles made ofcertified Turkish organic cotton and a high content of viscose from bamboo-cellulose. These articles are labelled in the catalogue with the logo nakedgreen. Since the beginning of 2011 Nakedshirt have abandoned articles from Asian production sites and is thereby able to deliver constantly, quick and reliably. The shorter transportation routes help to reduce pollution and the waste of energy. All cardboards are 100 % recycable. The used polyester bags are free of PVC. The „Öko-TexStandard 100“ label guarantees that all coloursand fabrics are harmless for health and environment

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