Berliner Aidshilfe 12/2017

Berliner Aidshilfe winner december 2017

The application: : 

At the heart of the Berlin Aids-Hilfe are the 240 volunteers who are committed to giving guidance to people living with or without HIV and to HIV-positive people suffering from AIDS.

Through knowledge and information exchange, our daily work aims at lifting the discrimination and exclusion which stems from old beliefs on HIV/AIDS. In the end, we want people to know how to protect themselves from HIV but also that with today's treatment options HIV is neither a death sentence nor is it contagious after successful treatment.

To do this, we go out to the streets, hold information events, participate in street festivals - show our presence wherever our resources allow and – in addition to our own initiative – whenever we are asked to do so. We want and need to achieve that people receive information about HIV / AIDS, sexually transmitted infections and hepatitides in order to live without fear and to get tested for these. With that achieved, noone has to suffer from AIDS just because they didn’t know about their HIV infection.

It is important for our work to be visible and recognizable to the outside. Therefore our "street workers“ would be very happy to receive support in the form of 30 T-shirts through your great action.