Mazi Farm 03/2018

Winner March 2018 Mazi Farm from Greece


The first application from Greece and winner March 2018: 

MAZI (μαζί) in Greek, ‘Together’. 

The application: We believe that together, the future is regenerative. Mazi Farm is a Regenerative Agroforestry farm located on Evia island, central Greece.  A small group of young farmers, transforming 5 hectares of degraded land into a biodiverse agroforest. Agroforestry (the marriage of trees and agriculture) naturally restores the health and productivity of soil, provides habitat for biodiversity and restores degraded ecosystems. Through scientifically based experimental efforts on our land, we are developing a regenerative model of agriculture for the Mediterranean region that imitates ecosystems to restore harmony between humans and nature. It is from here, that we hope to empower other farmers into the transition from degenerative to regenerative practices. The world needs to hear the message about the power of regenerative agriculture. We hope through your generosity of donating free t-shirts, you can help us spread the word to build solutions for the future.