Continental Clothing Salvage and air Share


Continental Clothing SALVAGE and Fair Share

Salvage is a new sustainable range by british clothing brand Continental Clothing, that merges 60% recycled organic cotton fibres and 40% recycled plastic bottles into new textiles, which therefore are made from 100% recycled material. The blend is very strong and well cut, and fulfills both, the Global Recycle Standard and the Organic Blended Content Standard. The textile´s structure has a nice heathered look and classic enduring cuts.

So far there is a male and a female shirt model with several colours, a unisex sweater (sizes XS to XXL) with a broad colour range, as well as two different shoulder bag items.

As a new collection Salvage sets new standards in consistent sustainable re-use of textiles which at that are made to be classics and set a benchmark in quality.

Fair Share

Just a small increase in the price of the FAIR SHARE garment makes it possible to pay the poorest workers in the factory a wage increase of 50%.
The aim of the FAIR SHARE project is to pay all the workers a living wage. To make this happen, Continental Clothing conducted a survey with the workers and a local NGO.

Continental Clothing Collection

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