The unisex oversized long sleeve t-shirt

Set-in sleeve
1x1 rib binding at collar with narrow double needle topstitch
Sleeve hem and bottom hem with narrow needle topstitch

  • Unisex
  • Oversized
  • Single Jersey
  • 100% Organic ring-spun combed cotton
  • Fabric washed
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Model: STTU790
Sizes: XXS - 3XL
Colors: (click on color)
Whites White Colors Orchid Flower Black Khaki French Navy Essential Heathers Heather Grey

Triber - Whites - with print

1 color18,6814,0712,0510,7010,2810,1710,039,89
2 color23,5816,7713,0311,2910,7010,4910,3010,03
3 color28,8819,7214,3111,9311,1210,8510,5610,16
4 color34,3822,6715,5912,5711,5911,1610,7810,40
5 color40,2825,6217,0713,5112,0611,6811,1510,63

Triber - Colors - with print

1 color19,5414,8212,8011,4110,9910,8810,7410,60
2 color24,4417,5213,7812,0011,4111,2011,0110,74
3 color29,7420,4715,0612,6411,8311,5611,2710,87
4 color35,2423,4216,3413,2812,3011,8711,4911,11
5 color41,1426,3717,8214,2212,7712,3911,8611,34

Triber - Essential Heathers - with print

1 color21,6816,7014,6813,1712,7512,6412,5012,36
2 color26,5819,4015,6613,7613,1712,9612,7712,50
3 color31,8822,3516,9414,4013,5913,3213,0312,63
4 color37,3825,3018,2215,0414,0613,6313,2512,87
5 color43,2828,2519,7015,9814,5314,1513,6213,10

To achieve brilliant color print on darker fabrics, a white pre-print is required. The pre-print is calculated as 2nd color.
Example: white print on black fabric: pre-print + white = 2-color print

All prices are listed in EURO. Please add German VAT where applicable (exceptions: deliveries within the EU to companies with EU sales tax ID number. Deliveries outside of the EU are tax free). Unless otherwise specified, prices for printing on either the front or the back of the garment include all incidental printing costs, such as screen and repro costs, for print sizes up to and including A3. For shipping and delivery costs (where applicable) please see our current shipping and delivery price list. Halftone prints are individually priced. Please inquire about prices for larger orders, halftone, or special colors.  For layouts or graphic design requests please contact us. Offers and content subject to change. Errors and omissions excluded. Our usual terms and conditions apply.